Aixin Group's Runcangsheng brought Sanqi fresh extract, sanqi wolfberry olive fresh extract and othe

2023-04-27 16:05

When you climb, the most beautiful meet

On the morning of April 24, 2023, Yunnan Luquan sedan Chair Snow Mountain Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Kunming. Luquan County Party Committee, deputy county head Su Jun, county related departments and some tourism enterprises in charge, Xinhua News Agency Yunnan branch, Yunnan Daily, Kunming Daily and other central, provincial, city, county (district) media reporters attended the conference.

Run Cang Sheng, a subsidiary of Aixin Group, was invited to present the Luquan sedan chair Snow Mountain series of excellent products with 37 fresh extract liquid and 37 wolfberry olive fresh extract liquid.

Panax notoginseng fresh extract

Notoginseng fresh extract independently developed by Runcangsheng, a municipal key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, adopts scientific fresh extract technology to achieve full retention of Notoginseng active ingredients and active ingredients, remove agricultural residues and heavy metals in Notoginseng, break apart and drink, which can be easier, more convenient, safer and more effective anytime and anywhere to absorb Notoginseng essence!

Goji berry olive fresh extract

Agricultural industrialization of the city key leading enterprises Run Cangsheng independent research and development of Run Cangsheng holy grass extract Notoginseng wolfberry olive fresh extract using scientific extraction technology, not only to retain notoginseng, wolfberry, olive effective ingredients, but also to remove agricultural residues of heavy metals, a gentle one, throat back gan, a long history of nutrition, can absorb Yunnan olive (Yugan), wolfberry nutrients and notoginseng essence!

Miao plastic white kidney bean comprehensive fruit and vegetable enzyme drink

The Miao plastic white kidney bean comprehensive fruit and vegetable enzyme drink independently developed by Runcangsheng, a municipal key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, helps you achieve "discharge control and reduction" through natural ingredients such as white kidney bean extract, comprehensive fruits and vegetables, probiotics (bifidobacterium longum, Lactobacillus plantarum) L-carnitine, develop healthy eating habits and a thin lifestyle, and have a good body!


In addition to the raw materials selected from the yellow essence in the local organic Chinese herbal medicine growing area, the raw materials also contain ginseng, oyster peptide, cloves, wolfberry, mulberry and other nine plant ingredients, scientific proportion, pure ingredients, medicine and food homology ingredients, nutrition, gentle nourishing kidney, positive regulation.

Ganoderma drink

Runcangsheng Shengcao extract Ganoderma lucidum drink, containing rich nutrients of ganoderma lucidum, 0 addition, no agricultural residues, heavy metals, to achieve deep processing of Ganoderma lucidum, retain the effective ingredients, Runcangsheng drugs 100,000 clean workshop GMP, sterile and dust-free environment, production standards, quality assurance, you can rest assured to eat!

Gastrodia elata drink

Runcangsheng Shengcao extract Gastrodia drink, the raw material is selected from the local black gastrodia with high gastrodin content, and the heavy metals of agricultural residues are removed through finishing, and the active ingredients of Gastrodia are retained. The independent packaging is easy to carry, and it is easy to absorb the nutrients of Gastrodia!


Runcangsheng prebiotics independently developed by Runcangsheng, a municipal key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, are composed of inulin, hydrothreosaccharide and fructooligosaccharide, which are three excellent dietary fiber prebiotics. Rich dietary fiber adds new impetus to your gastrointestinal probiotics, which is beneficial to regulating the structural balance of intestinal flora and can add intestinal power to you!

Successfully held

Adhering to the business philosophy of "healthy life manager", Aixin Group has won the respect and praise of shareholders, customers, partners and industry peers with high-quality products and services. As a key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization at the municipal level, Runcangsheng under Aixin Group has always put quality first, upheld the corporate culture spirit of Aixin Group "be a man with gratitude and do business with love", focused on the big health industry, took innovation and high-quality development of agricultural industrialization as its own responsibility, based on the local, looking at the world, focused on creating high-quality products, and cast brand value. To better give back to the community.