Yunnan provincial government counsellor leaders visited Yunnan Runcangsheng, a subsidiary of Aixin G

2022-08-04 12:18

On the morning of August 3, 2022, the research team of Yunnan Provincial Government Counsellors, provincial government counsellors, former members of the Party Group of the provincial government, the secretary General, Yang Jie, former secretary of the Party Group of the General Office of the Provincial government, Zhang Xianbao, Secretary of Luquan County and other leaders visited Yunnan Runcangsheng Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Runcangsheng), a subsidiary of Aixin Group. Runcang general manager Jiao Huiliang accompanied the whole process.

General manager Jiao Huiliang introduced Runcangsheng's corporate culture and future planning in detail, and watched the company's corporate publicity video with the research team, and visited Runcangsheng 100,000 functional food workshop.

Secretary Zhang Xianbao said: "From 2020 to the present, such a scale of development and promotion speed are relatively fast, it is really not easy!"

After the investigation, Secretary Zhang Xianbao spoke highly of Runcangsheng's contribution to providing certain local jobs, the development of the local economy in Luquan County and the health industry in Luquan County.

And affirmed the corporate culture construction of Runcangsheng, Secretary Zhang wished Aixin Group and Runcangsheng to go further on the road of scientific and technological innovation in the future, and continue to add glory to the economic development of Luquan!