Yang Gang, vice president of Aixin Group, was hired as the executive chairman of Chuanlao Associatio

2022-08-10 14:19

On August 9, 2022, the Chengdu Tourism Association's AAAAA Sichuan Cuisine Traditional Skills Study Association (hereinafter referred to as Sichuan Old Association) work launch meeting and the recruitment ceremony of Yang Gang, deputy general manager of Aixin Group, was successfully concluded in Aixin Shangyan Hotel.

At the meeting, Vice President of Sichuan Tourism Association, Chairman of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone cultural tourism cooperation Alliance, President of Chengdu Tourism Association Wen Rujie (hereinafter referred to as President Wen) said at the meeting that Sichuan cuisine culture as a part of Sichuan culture, has a long history and source process. Inheriting and developing Sichuan cuisine culture is an inescapable responsibility of every Sichuan person. Since its establishment on January 18, 2016, the Sichuan Senior Association has brought together more than 120 leading Sichuan cuisine masters with an average age of about 70 years old in China. The association aims to maintain Sichuan cuisine skills, innovate Sichuan cuisine heritage, tell Sichuan cuisine stories, strengthen Sichuan cuisine brands, and help cultural tourism development. This launch event aims to promote Sichuan cuisine culture, explore and cultivate excellent Sichuan chefs, gather the strength of the catering industry, and promote the high-quality development of Sichuan traditional Sichuan cuisine industry.

Subsequently, President Wen hired Yang Gang, deputy general manager and hotel Technical Director of Aixin Group (hereinafter referred to as General Manager Yang) as the executive President of Chuan Laohui on behalf of Chuan Laohui, and issued a letter of appointment. President Wen placed expectations on the development of President Yang after being appointed as the executive president of the Sichuan Association, he pointed out that he hoped that in the next work, Mr. Yang could lead the association to further organize and carry out various activities, strive to improve cooking skills, inherit the traditional spirit of Sichuan cuisine masters of the Sichuan Association, carry forward the traditional Sichuan cuisine culture, further expand the team of Sichuan cuisine inheriters, and steadily promote the construction and development of the association. And play the role of bridge and link, and actively promote the construction and development of Sichuan cultural tourism industry.

 After being hired, Mr. Yang said at the meeting that he would promote the development of the Association better and faster with high standards and strict requirements, and at the same time, organize various activities to promote mutual communication between members of the association and member units, mobilize resources in their respective fields, support and cooperate with each other, and contribute to the development of Sichuan Old Association and traditional Sichuan cuisine.

Finally, Mr. Hu Xianhua, a senior Chinese cooking master and a judge of the national vocational skills competition, spoke as a senior member of the Sichuan Association. He said that the main reason for the inheritance of Sichuan cuisine is that modern society is too impeous, and most chefs only want to use the fastest and easiest way to complete a dish, while ignoring the most important basic skills and complex Sichuan cuisine cooking skills. Traditional Sichuan cuisine culture has a long history, extensive and profound, Sichuan old club has many excellent cooking skills, unique spirit of cooking masters, the purpose of Sichuan Old club is to restore lost Sichuan cuisine, inherit traditional Sichuan cuisine skills. It is hoped that Mr. Yang will walk with the Sichuan elders after his appointment, help the inheritance and innovation of the classic taste of Sichuan cuisine, and carry forward the traditional Sichuan cuisine culture. The master of Sichuan cuisine will walk with Yang and all the famous teachers and chefs all the way, and win-win progress together!