Professionalism, benefit the people, gratitude - Aixin Group provides help and support f

2022-12-14 13:10

"The common medicine for epidemic prevention has been stir-fried to high prices, the people can't afford the medicine, and there is no health protection." "The pharmacy has run all over, and it is said that there is a shortage everywhere, how to do it?" -- After three years of fighting the epidemic, we have finally ushered in a day when the epidemic prevention policy has been relaxed. Health code, place code, nucleic acid proof, these "old friends" with us for three years have slowly faded out of our daily life. However, with the implementation of the new policy, various questions similar to those at the beginning of the article have become new problems faced by the public in the self-prevention phase of the epidemic. As an enterprise that is skilled in medicine and health management, Aixin Group will give what kind of answer to the above questions?

In the early morning of December 10, 2022, Aixin Group's Aixin Pharmacy has set up a table and a pot in front of the store and began to provide people with free Chinese medicine epidemic prevention soup. Soon, the pharmacy door ushered in many men, women and children, they are to receive the epidemic prevention soup. Seeing that everyone attaches great importance to improving their self-immunity, the staff of the pharmacy felt very pleased and sent cup after cup of medicine soup to the people who came to line up. Steaming soup in the hands, warm hands more warm heart.

 In addition to the free anti-epidemic soup, Aixin Pharmacy also posted the detailed prescription of traditional Chinese medicine for the prevention of the new coronavirus issued by the state and the formula of Lianhua Qingwen on the conspicuous place at the door to share with the public for everyone's reference in need. Remember the prescription, if you want to go directly into the store, the pharmacy also provides the corresponding Chinese herbal medicine sales, the staff will be careful to serve you. At the same time, in the pharmacy, you can also enjoy free blood pressure monitoring and three high measurement items at any time, adding a heavy guarantee for health.

  After the relaxation of the epidemic prevention policy, the middle-aged and elderly people with relatively low immunity are more likely to become the object of virus attack, and it is particularly critical to properly supplement protein and various nutrients to enhance immunity at this time. In Aixin pharmacy, a wide range of goods and corresponding discounts can be seen everywhere on the shelves, among which in the non-drug area, the second box of Tomson Bihealth only costs 0.1 yuan, and you can also buy two buckets of protein powder for 199 yuan; There are many kinds of epidemic prevention drugs in the drug area and many discounts. In the special period, Aixin pharmacy lets the citizens who come to buy no longer have to worry about being unable to buy medicine or afford medicine, actively fulfills their social responsibilities, and adheres to the core goal of "working with people and solving worries for people".

 With a grateful heart, with love to do business - a short thirteen words, the implementation of Aixin Group from the beginning to adhere to the development attitude. Just as a tree rising from the earth will return its leaves to the earth, Ai Xin takes them from the people and gives them to the society, and he should do his best to return the society at this time. The night is darkest before dawn, and coldest in the dead of winter, before early spring. The process of fighting the epidemic continues to advance. It seems difficult now, but it means that victory is near. Ai Xin is willing to work with you to support each other and tide over the difficulties together.