[Joy enjoy Tengchong] Ai Xin ingenuity to create, light up the trip to Yunnan

2023-06-08 14:38

Springlike Kunming, melodic Dali and picturesque Tengchong—— Yunnan has long been a hot destination for the domestic tourism industry. More and more people choose to spend unforgettable holidays in Yunnan or enjoy a leisurely retirement life.

Across the Longjiang Bridge, near the hot spring of boiling pot; Wander the Erhai Lake in Dali, explore the Beihai wetland... Another group of participating families experienced the theme route launched by Ai Xin, and returned with laughter and joy.

During the trip, Ai Xin not only provided his family with well-designed travel routes, but also considerate service. Whether it is the scenic anecdotes on the trip, or Ai Xin's carefully arranged food, accommodation and transportation, as well as the welcome and farewell dinner and the whole process of butler and photography services, let the family enjoy the noble experience.

There is laughter along the way, and every moment is worth pressing the shutter to record the lovely smiling faces of our families. When I returned, I asked how I felt about the trip, and the family gave me a thumbs-up.

Just as the meaning of travel is to find yourself in the mountains and rivers and cities, Ai Xin along the way, but also from the recognition and smile of the family again and again to firm the goal: to create more quality and sentimental products for the family of Ai Xin. The family's trust and support for Ai xin Travel Company is the driving force for our efforts.

Ai Xin Travel hopes that in the future journey, continue to accompany the Ai Xin family and share a good and unforgettable travel time.