The strategic cooperation signing ceremony of (Ai Xin Zhonghong), (Southwest University Research In

2021-10-08 11:08

The   strategic cooperation signing ceremony of (Ai Xin Zhonghong), (Southwest University Research Institute Joint Association) and (sweet potato development and utilization).

2021 May 23, “Sweet Potato Development and utilization of strategic cooperation contract signing ceremony”in the Southwest University (Chongqing campus) industrial technology research institute officially held. Lin Quanzhong, chairman of Chengdu Aixinzhonghong Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. , and Dean of Southwest University, fu Zhifeng of the professor, Tian Weibo, executive vice president of the Southwest University, and Professor Li Xuegang, research and development officer of Chongqing Yishiteng Biology Company, attended the signing ceremony of “Strategic cooperation of Sweet Potato Development and utilization”.

At the signing ceremony, the inventor of the patent, Professor Li Xuegang, gave a detailed introduction to the background of “The patent of all-round development and utilization of sweet potato”. The patent of Sweet Potato Research mainly includes: anti-tumor active monomer of sweet potato, anti-tumor extract of sweet potato, preparation method and application, the invention relates to a sweet potato sterol glycoside fatty acid, an extract, a preparation method and an application thereof, an anti-tumor sweet potato and a Isoflavones composition, an application thereof, and various sweet potato patents. These patents are widely used in the market and are beneficial to the development strategy of Aixinzhonghong Company in health care and medical research..


Professor Li Xuegang research team of sweet potato for all-round research and development, the team conducted in-depth study of sweet potato nutrition in all aspects, including diet, medicine, medical beauty, health care and other aspects of the patent. The signing of the cooperation agreement with the Southwest University has a good social significance, in line with the healthy development of society and the trend of independent R & D and Innovation in Science and technology. At the same time, it is beneficial for both sides to display their respective advantages, share resources, complement each other’s advantages and win-win situation.

As a leader in health life management in China, AI has long been committed to health services and has successfully signed a contract with Southwest University at the Southwest University (Chongqing campus) , this signing represents a new point of departure. Ai Xinzhonghong will continue to make full use of the platform’s resource advantages, strengthen the in-depth cooperation with the innovation and scientific research team, jointly promote the research and development of new technologies and new products, and make further efforts to build a healthy life, to further rally the strength of all sectors of society, for the health of China to make greater contributions.