Planning Officer 4K-6K

2021-09-22 14:10

Job Description:

1. responsible for the company related to party a customer project publicity, marketing programs, advertising and other written planning, writing;

2. responsible for the company and the group's subsidiaries in the industry and all kinds of large-scale activities of publicity and planning;

3. Writing, revising, and advising on all types of copywriting for the company;

4. Assisting the graphic designer in writing and editing copywriting;

5. realtime broadcast and other material collection, topic, writing tweets, content dissemination of work, and responsible for the marketing campaign publicity cycle of the follow up work; Assist in brand building, corporate culture dissemination, Corporate Extension Project Copywriting Implementation Related Work;


1.Advertising, marketing, journalism, Chinese or related professional degree or above.

2.more than 1 year experience in event planning is preferred, and love planning work, willing to learn from the industry planning project experience, the company will give learning and growth exercise platform.

3.Clear thinking, active thinking, rich imagination, creative, fluent writing, good communication skills;

4. with independent copywriting and product packaging, value extraction experience.

5, skilled Office applications, Excel , PPT and other Office software, will PS and other photo processing software priority admission

Work and rest time:

9:00 to 5:30, weekends off, working and enjoying the welfare of parents'fund, office