Press conference of the first Sichuan Cuisine Kitchen Competition

2020-09-27 19:34

On September 26, the first Sichuan cuisine Kitchen competition pressconference was held grandly in Chengdu Aixin Shangyan Hotel. Wen Rujie, vicePresident of Sichuan Tourism Association and President of Chengdu TourismAssociation AAAAA, attended and delivered a speech!


It is understood that the first king of sichuan cooking championsdirected by AAAAA tourist association of sichuan province and chengdu tourismassociation, the Hong Kong AiXin international group co., LTD., chengdu tourismassociation of professional committee of the AAAAA catering, weir on YiXinhotel in chengdu, sichuan maple leaf red TV culture communication co., LTD.Jointly undertake annual food cooking skills competition;


Many sichuan food masters, celebrities from the cultural and artcircles, leaders and members of chengdu Tourism Association AAAAA CateringSpecial Committee, leaders of Chengdu Tourism Association brother branchspecial committee, representatives of member units, leaders of friendlycooperation units and relevant media attended this conference!

It is reported, the king of sichuan cooking champions will follow"harmony, sharing, innovation and development" principle, adhere to theprinciple of "fair, just and open", the skills competitioncommunication industry and to promote the development of organic combination,inheritance develop sichuan cuisine culture and meet visitors need to perfectcombination of a better life, in the selection of talented people at the sametime, construct platform for food industry resources, integration of industryresources sharing, promote the prosperity and development of the sichuanculture and industry progress, expanding overseas influence the attraction ofsichuan cuisine in China, and actively help the world tourism in chengdu city,international food tourism city and sichuan province construction!


It is understood that the Sichuan cuisine King competition is thegreat culinary competition of beautiful China, Sichuan cuisine Hongchuan,Sichuan cuisine masters celebrity chefs, folk masters and Sichuan cuisinelovers, and it is also the challenge competition between Sichuan cuisinemasters and inheritors! The competition will be divided into two parts:professional chefs and folk artists. The contestants can be professional chefsand sichuan inheritors, or masters of folk cuisine who are passionate aboutfood production. The aim of the competition is to discover excellent inheritorsof classic Sichuan cuisine and new masters of Sichuan cuisine. Contestants mustbe over 20 years old, no more than 60 years old, healthy men and women, butonly limited to Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan cuisine style, Sichuan cuisinetechniques, Sichuan cuisine characteristics, Sichuan seasoning and Sichuan foodmaterials.

The selection committee of this competition is composed of Sichuancuisine masters, gourmets and senior media personnel, and will be divided intofive venues simultaneously. The competition schedule will be carried out indifferent periods through the registration of auditions, preliminarycompetition, semi-final, finals and award ceremony, and the final will be heldin specialized departments . Many awards have been selected from the two majorcompetition units of professional chef and folk master;

At that time, the winners will experiencethe supreme glory of the red carpet and star road with the witness of the mediagroup. They will receive the awards from leaders, Sichuan food competition andthe jury on the main stage!

At the scene of the event, Zhu, a national first-class actor ofSichuan quyi troupe and inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Jinban.  

Mr. Chang GUI gave a live performance of the Intangible CulturalHeritage Program "Huiguorou", which won a lot of praise!


At the end of the event, Mr. Wen Rujie,vice president of Sichuan Tourism Association and President of Chengdu TourismAssociation, announced the official launch of the competition. Mr. LinQuanzhong, vice president and Executive Secretary General of Chengdu TourismAssociation and chairman of Hong Kong Aixin International Group Co., Ltd., Mr.Chen Tinglong, master of Chinese state banquet, Mr. Liu Xiaoming, a famousSichuan Cultural scholar and senior media man, and AAAAA of Chengdu TourismAssociation Mr. Gou Ke, executive chairman of catering special committee andexecutive director of Sichuan times catering incubator management Co., Ltd.,Mr. Dai Chang'an, executive vice president of AAAAA catering special committeeof Chengdu Tourism Association and founder of Chengdu Wangfeng Food Co., Ltd.,Mr. Zhang Huiyou, Secretary General of AAAAA catering special committee ofChengdu Tourism Association and founder of Chengdu zhangshui boiled shadow FoodCulture Communication Co., Ltd Let's start the competition!

The successful holding of this press conference marks the full startof all work in the first Sichuan cuisine kitchen King competition. In the nexttwo months, all kinds of culinary masters and folk masters will gather in Chengduto compete at the top! This competition will build a stage for Sichuan cuisinelovers to realize their dreams and contribute to the inheritance and innovationof Sichuan cuisine. Meanwhile, a group of excellent Sichuan cuisine talentswill be excavated and cultivated to promote the further development of Sichuancuisine.

Professional chef unit (limited to professional chefs, Sichuancuisine masters and master inheritors)

Folk master unit (only for folk Sichuan cuisine lovers, canindependently produce more than 5 Sichuan dishes)

Registration method (free of charge)

Registration address: Chengdu Aixin Shangyan Hotel (No.3 ShuguangRoad, Jinniu District, Chengdu)

Internet Registration: WeChat official account for Sichuan cuisinecompetition

Registration time: September 27, 2020 to October 30, 2020.

Organizing Committee of the first Sichuan Cuisine Chef Competition

September 2020