2023 Chengdu million workers labor and skills competition (Golden Bull Competition area) Chinese coo

2023-10-13 13:54

The cold dew has arrived and the autumn is cool. However, in Jinniu District of Chengdu, the aroma of delicious food and the passion of cooking light up the cool autumn day. 2023 Chengdu million workers labor and skills competition (Golden Ox Competition area) Chinese cooking skills competition, yesterday (October 12) in Chengdu Jinniu District tea shop successfully ended. Organized by the Chadianzi Street Federation of Trade Unions, the competition, with the theme of "promoting culinary culture and improving professional skills", aims to promote the inheritance and development of traditional Sichuan cuisine. Aixin Group Deputy General representative Yang Gang Aixin's sentient Shangyan hotel was invited to participate in the review.

The competition is divided into two parts: written test and practical exercise, which comprehensively test the theoretical knowledge and cooking skills of the contestants. Before the start of the competition, Ms. Tao Hong, representative of the Chadianzi Street Federation of Trade Unions, issued a letter of appointment for the special invited judge of the event - Vice President Yang Gang of Aixin Group, thanking Aixin Group for its support for the competition and the contribution of Sentient Shangyan Hotel of Aixin Group to the catering industry.

Before the opening of the practical operation session, Mr. Yang, as a representative of the judges, took the oath of the judges and announced the official start of the activity. In the actual exercise activity, Mr. Yang carefully watched the live practical exercise of each contestant and had a detailed understanding of their cooking skills.

After the observation, the host also conducted a "master interview" with Mr. Yang, invited him to speak as a representative of the judges, and talked deeply about the theme of this activity - promoting traditional Sichuan cuisine. The significance of this competition is also like the reason behind Aixin's sentient Shangyan Hotel's consistent study of Sichuan cuisine: in order to let more people understand and love Sichuan cuisine, so that the extensive and profound Sichuan cuisine culture can be carried forward.

The actual operation link is in full swing, and each player is preparing the most famous dishes with full enthusiasm and rigorous attitude. Among them, Jiang Bo, the chef of Sentient Shangyan Hotel under Aixin, represented Sentient Shangyan Hotel as one of the contestants and chose to take the boutique dishes introduced by the hotel as the competition works:vegetables and fruits with fresh shrimp, carefully cooked, carved and assembled, and made a lifelike dragon boat shape, expressing the good wishes that traditional Sichuan cuisine skills can advance in the tide of The Times.

After the countdown ended, the players brought out their proud works. Mr. Yang and the other two judges tasted the dishes of the contestants in a fair and strict attitude and scored them. After fierce competition, the works of the chef of Sentient Shangyan Hotel Jiang Bo stood out from many cuisines with 90.1 points, representing the Sichuan cuisine attitude of Sentient Shangyan Hotel under Aixin Group, and won the first place in this competition.

The success of this competition provides a stage for Chinese cooks to show their talents, and also shows the wonderful Sichuan cuisine culture to the public. I believe there will be more culinary talents in the future to emerge on this platform. In the coming days, Aixin Group will also make greater contributions to the inheritance and development of Sichuan cuisine while steadily developing in the catering industry!