Shop Assistant 3k-5k

2020-09-07 14:24

Job requirements:

1. Age 18-40 years old, high school or technical secondary school education or above, major in medicine or pharmacy, or pharmacy related work experience for more than 1 year;

2. Have strong communication ability and service consciousness, bear hardships and stand hard work;

3. Cheerful and upward, with a strong sales level


1. Strictly abide by the company's labor discipline and post system;

2. Take the initiative to ask customers' needs and achieve sales;

3. Be responsible for the sales record, inventory, account check and other work, complete the sales statistics according to the regulations;

4. Be responsible for the daily business work such as goods acceptance, shelf replenishment, return, loss prevention and theft prevention;

5. Do a good job in the cleaning and sanitation work of the area under their charge, and ensure that the classification marks are clean and in good condition;

6. Cooperate with the superior to carry out the work and complete other tasks assigned by the superior.