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AIXIN,the size of enterprise

Chengdu aixinzhonghong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was registered in Chengdu Jinniu industrial and commercial bureau on March 4, 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. The company's business scope includes biotechnology promotion services, health consulting, wholesale and retail, prepackaged food, etc. at present, there are several hundred employees. The company has been adhering to the good service as the core, while focusing on the development of the local market, but also successfully listed on OTC MARKET, high-quality and attentive service has won a lot of trust and praise.



The escort for your health

Probiotic stock

Efficacy:lt can regulate the balance of intestinal microecology, improve the immune

Function of the body, improve constipatio..

Specifications:80ml/bottle*6 bottles

Price:598 yuan/box

Protoplasm of probiotics

Efficacy: lt can relieve bowel movement, regulate blood lipid, antioxidation, inhibit tumor and maintain the health and vitality of...

Specifications: 100ml/bottle*9 bottles

Price: ¥1980/box

Colostrum formula Goat milk powder

Efficacy: Improve immunity

Specifications: 400g/box,12 boxes/box

Price: ¥298/box


Efficacy: lt can inhibit purine activity, limit purine oxidation, decompose purine to normal value, and eliminate pain of muscles, bon...

Specifications: 0.5g*30 capsules/bottle

Price: ¥498 yuan/bottle


Efficacy: The pesticide residues, hormones, preservatives and poisonous bacteria in food should be stripped, and the nutritio...

Specifications: 360g/bottle

Price: ¥198/bottle


Efficacy: Oxygen sterilization,oxygen anti-virus, oxygen stain removal, oxygen cleaning,etc.

Specifications: 600g/barrel

Price: ¥60/barrel

Cell nutrient concentrate

Efficacy: lt can provide cell nutrition, excrete cytotoxin and improve the antiviral ability of the body.

Specifications: 30ml/bottle

Price: ¥498/bottle

Sea cucumber oligopeptide solid beverage

Efficacy: Resistance to fatigue, anti-inflammatory, and enhance immunity, anti-aging, reduce the three tenors.

Specification: 1G * 20 bags/box

Price: 1790 yuan/box


Efficacy: Promote the growth rate of hemoglobin and red blood cells, effectively improve qi deficiency

And blood deficiency constitution, dizziness, palpitation, etc.;

Stop the bleeding. Nourishing Yin and moistening zao, when the weather is dry, it can be used to nourish the body fluid in the lung.

Specification: 250g/ drum

Price: 298 yuan/barre

Chengdu Aixintang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd.

Chengdu Aixintang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd.was established on March 4,2016, at Qingyun West Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu. The company’s business scope includes: Pharmaceutical Retail; sales (pre-packaged food and bulk food, dietary supplement, dairy products, daily necessities, cosmetics, electronic products, disinfection supplies, class I, Class II medical equipment) ; nutrition and health consultation (excluding treatment and diagnosis) and so on. The company spent 133.3 million yuan on 2021, with turnover increasing by 36% and 26% respectively from 2018 to 2020. The company has a high market share, its 11 big pharmacies, respectively located in Jinjiang District, Xindu District, Wenjiang District, Xinjin district, to achieve multi-regional integration development.

We are based on the needs of customers, free of charge to provide customers with blood pressure monitoring, three high measurement, for customers to build a health service station.

The company carries out the management idea of “Keeping promise and benefiting the People Healthily”, adhering to the team spirit of “Challenge, service, giving, unity, gratitude, honesty”and sticking to the core goal of “Sharing the heart with the people and resolving worries for the people”, continue to cultivate deeply in the health care industry, the spirit of craftsman to do a good job in products and services, for the company to win more customers trust and market recognition.

History of enterprise development


Chengdu Aixintang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. .Set up Huayang Business Department, Opening Huayang Market;

Opens New Tianjin Branch, Chengdu Ai Xintang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. . New Tianjin Branch;

Opens New Mianyang Branch, chengdu Aixintang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. . Mian Branch was established;

Aixintang Pharmacy opened branch in Wenjiang District, Chengdu Aixintang Liucheng Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. was established;

Aixintang Pharmacy opened branch in Jianyang, chengdu Aixintang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. . Jianyang store was established.



Ai Xintang Pharmacy Opens Qionglai City Branch, Qionglai City vader pharmacy set up;

 Ai Xintang Pharmacy Opens Xindu Branch, Chengdu City, Xindu District Cundetang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd.



Chengdu Beibang Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. was established in Xinjin, Chengdu;

Ai Xintang Pharmacy Opened Branch in Wenjiang District, Chengdu Wenjiang Ai Xinhui Pharmacy Co. , Ltd. was established.


Ai Xin Tang Pharmacy Opens Jinjiang Branch, Set Up Chengdu Huirentang Pharmacy;

Ai Xintang Pharmacy Opened Branch in Wenjiang District, Set Up Ai Xin Nanjiang County Pharmacy.

The development vision of the enterprise

In the face of the new situation and new policies, we will further promote the reform of the pharmacy system, increase the input of pharmacies, create new business models, meet People’s health needs, change society’s perception of pharmacies, and make them the health service and consultation centers for customers, according to the needs of users to customize their own body management strategy, become the customer’s personal health housekeeper, improve the public’s attention to green healthy life, strengthen the trust and support of customers to the pharmacy, expand the visibility of the pharmacy. To provide customers with better quality, more intimate professional services.

Chengdu Aixintang Pharmacy

Address: No. 15, Qingyun West Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

Contact number: 17396269535

Chengdu Huirentang Pharmacy

Address: 1st Floor, No. 9-10, 72-Zhaozhongci Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu city

Contact number: 17396269535

Ai Xintang Pharmacy Mianyang store

Address: 1-10, Building 1, Fulin Metropolis, Mianyang City

Contact number: 18281581692

Save Tak Tang Pharmacy

Address: No. 99-54, Pihe East Road, Xindu Town, Xindu District, Chengdu

Contact number: 13730682795

Ai Xintang pharmacy Jianyang store

Address: Jianyang City Anxiang Street Park back street next to cultural center

Contact number: 15828423611

Ai Xintang pharmacy Xinjin store

Address: No.42 shuangbai Road, Wujin Town, Xinjin County, Chengdu city

Contact number: 13880148896

Beibang Pharmacy

Address: No.6-55, Xingyuan Road, Wujin Town, Xinjin County, Chengdu city

Contact number: 13880148896

Qionglai Wade Pharmacy

Address: No. 42 Yudai Street, Linqiong Town, Qionglai City

Contact number: 15680090619

Ai Xintang Liucheng Pharmacy

Address: 99 Liucheng Avenue east Section, Wenjiang District, Chengdu city

Contact number: 15708414107

Ai Xinhui Pharmacy

Address: 1st Floor, 146 Spaceflight Road, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City

Contact number: 13540306335

Ai Xin Nanjiang Pharmacy

Address: No. 470 nanjiang Road, Wenjiang District

Contact number: 15708414107

Pay attention to the pharmacy wechat public account, push weekly activity information, health knowledge, and enjoy more low-price promotional benefits...

Chengdu Aixin Shangyan hotel

Chengdu Aixin Shangyan hotel is a collection of accommodation, catering, tea, meeting in one of the Boutique quasifive hotel. The hotel was fully upgraded in 2019. The hotel is now decorated with elegant decoration, complete facilities, comfortable environment and firstclass decoration. It now has five floors and 108 rooms, including deluxe suites, business rooms, family rooms and other types of rooms, is Your home travel, business meetings preferred place, we are committed to providing customers with a first-class service experience.

The hotel also has a restaurant, a tea lounge and a multi-function conference room. The restaurant features yurts, open-air dining bars, and eight luxury rooms decorated in different styles. The Shangyan restaurant can accommodate 400 people at a time. Can undertake small and medium-sized banquet, can provide you with authentic Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan hot pot, Jianyang mutton soup, Cold Cup and other characteristics of cuisine. Shangshan Tea Lounge is a glass roof atrium design features, a total of 13 chess-card rooms, is your primary place of Leisure and entertainment. The multi-function meeting hall on the Fifth Floor of the hotel has all kinds of advanced digital meeting equipment, can accommodate 20-200 people at the same time to attend the meeting, will be your first choice for business meetings.

Hotel room

Luxurious suites, business rooms and family rooms with elegant decoration and comfortable environment are your first choice for business trips.

Hotel catering - on the food official

The restaurant covers an area of about 300m² and can accommodate 400 people at the same time. Catering for all kinds of banquet and Chinese and Western breakfast buffet.

There are 8 deluxe rooms, mainly modern Chinese style, rich sensory experience, let you immersed in private exclusive luxury brought by the new feeling.

The dishes of Shangshan Food House Chinese restaurant are characterized by keeping in good health. Adhering to the thousand-year old motto of "nourishing food is more important than nourishing medicine", we try our best to explore the essence of nourishing food in Chinese food, and convey the concept of healthy diet to you with the responsibility of evangelists.

Chinese restaurant dishes with health as the distinctive feature, adhering to the "tonic food than medicine" thousands of years old, vigorously explore the essence of Chinese health tonic food, and to the preacher's sense of responsibility to the healthy diet concept to dishes as the carrier to convey to you.

Tea house

Tea, meeting friends, chess and cards, catering; Provide all kinds of tea; Inside the room, outside the seat; Tea fragrance, melodious music.

Special kung Fu teahouse, take a cup of tea, let filar silk fragrance dilute dust, precipitation thoughts, experience life.

Moon pavilion

Net red swing, glow-in-the-dark elk, delicious midnight snack, artificial drought scene, glow-in-the-dark fountain.

The exquisite elk is located in the courtyard, surrounded by warm lights, which is your essential clock-in photo area. The combination of fountain water and light, like the stars in the sky flowing to the world, bring you visual shock; Artificial power simulates the nature style, so that you can feel the charm of nature in a narrow space.

The meeting room

Multi-functional conference hall, with a variety of advanced digital conference equipment, to meet the multi-functional needs of conferences, small theatrical performances, festival parties, entertainment and film playback.

The hotel insists on the management idea of “What the customer wants and what the customer wants”, and makes clear the scientific management way. We hope that the professional decent service, you can experience our meticulous care and convenient hotel facilities. Here, all members of the hotel wish you a good life and a pleasant trip!

Every Thursday, Aixin food Douyin live, Chinese cooking master Yang Gang as the chef, to show you the Chinese delicious! Every Thursday at 3pm, we invite you to pay attention!


Address: No. 3, Shuguang Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Yunnan Runcangsheng Technology Co. , Ltd.

Yunnan Runcangsheng Technology Co. , Ltd. was founded in April 2020, July 26,2022 and Ai Xinzhonghong Technology Co. , Ltd. m & A, belonging to Ai Xin Group. The company focuses on the large health industry and devotes itself to the research and development of functional foods. The company proposes a development strategy based on functional foods, supplemented by dietary supplement and Chinese herbal pieces. From the cultivation of raw materials, research and development, extraction, processing, sales, health services and other whole industry chain. Runcangsheng belongs to the National high-tech Enterprise, the national science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, and Yunnan province science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises and has passed the 3A system certification, ISO Quality Management System certification, HACCP Hazard Analysis and critical control point system certification.

The company has advanced hardware facilities and equipment. Grade 100,000 standard clean workshop (GMP) , can be engaged in raw material extraction, lyophilization, tablets, powders, granules, pills, oral liquid production. At the same time has more than 30 patents and technology, software copyright and run the people, Rhinoceros king, Yu Shilin language, magic plastic, plate boy, Yuan Shi Tian Gen, Lu Jiang and other more than 30 sub-brands.

Honesty, love, focus and innovation are the core values of the common people. The company has always put“Excellent products dedicated to human beings, with a serious attitude to serve the community” mission of the enterprise, “Based in Yunnan, facing the world” development strategy.