Chengdu Aixinzhonghong Biotechnology Co. , Ltd.

Chengdu Aixinzhonghong Biological Technology Co. , Ltd. Takes “Integrity, unity, giving up, gratitude, challenge and service”as the core of the corporate culture, in order to better maintain customers, expand the market, and construct a new strategic blueprint, trying to be a leader in the industry. The company carries forward the corporate culture spirit of “Be a man with a grateful heart and do business with love”. It always adheres to the core goal of “Customer first, create value for customers”and constantly provides high-quality professional services and products for the society. Facing the new situation, the new policy, the company also positively responded to the national call, with the actual action has carried out “Diligently repaid the society”this pledge.

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Chengdu AiXin zhonghong biotechnology co. LTD

Aixin Group was founded in 2009, the group's mainland operation center is located in Red Star International, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. After 14 years of operation and development, it now has 21 subsidiaries, covering major health, medicine, health care, trade, agriculture, hotel, catering, tourism, finance and other industries. Aixin Group takes "serving health" as the purpose, and is committed to building a whole industrial chain ecological service enterprise with great health as the center. Aixin Group was listed in NASDAQ in 2017, and transferred to the Global Select edition (stock code: AIXN) in 2020, which is the only large enterprise in southwest China's mainland that is listed in the elite edition of the US stock market.


Adhering to the business philosophy of "healthy life manager", Aixin Group has won the respect and praise of shareholders, customers, partners and industry peers with high-quality products and services. As the leader of China's healthy life management enterprises, Aixin Group has long been committed to elderly health services, escorting the health of the elderly, and creating a "healthy life manager" image. Comprehensively optimize and improve the quality of life of the elderly population, make the elderly seriously "youth", and help them complete their unfinished dreams. As of 2022, Aixin Group's loyal members in the country has reached 20W people, the harvest of countless praise, it is because of our careful service, can be spread among our consumer groups with good word of mouth.

Aixin Group business covers all over the country, the existing chain pharmacy 20, this year is expected to exceed hundreds of scale, with hundreds of on-the-job employees and tens of thousands of part-time employees, the group's total assets up to tens of millions of dollars. In the future, Aixin Group will continue to expand in various industrial fields, and strive to become the largest service-oriented platform enterprise in the country, so that "Aixin (Love)" eternal inheritance.