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Chengdu Aixinzhonghong Biological Technology Co. , Ltd. Takes “Integrity, unity, giving up, gratitude, challenge and service”as the core of the corporate culture, in order to better maintain customers, expand the market, and construct a new strategic blueprint, trying to be a leader in the industry. The company carries forward the corporate culture spirit of “Be a man with a grateful heart and do business with love”. It always adheres to the core goal of “Customer first, create value for customers”and constantly provides high-quality professional services and products for the society. Facing the new situation, the new policy, the company also positively responded to the national call, with the actual action has carried out “Diligently repaid the society”this pledge.

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Chengdu AiXin zhonghong biotechnology co. LTD

Aixin Group was founded in 2009, the group's mainland operation center is located in Red Star International, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. After 14 years of operation and development, it now has 21 subsidiaries, covering major health, medicine, health care, trade, agriculture, hotel, catering, tourism, finance and other industries. Aixin Group takes "serving health" as the purpose, and is committed to building a whole industrial chain ecological service enterprise with great health as the center. Aixin Group was listed in NASDAQ in 2017, and transferred to the Global Select edition (stock code: AIXN) in 2020, which is the only large enterprise in southwest China's mainland that is listed in the elite edition of the US stock market.


Adhering to the business philosophy of "healthy life manager", Aixin Group has won the respect and praise of shareholders, customers, partners and industry peers with high-quality products and services. As the leader of China's healthy life management enterprises, Aixin Group has long been committed to elderly health services, escorting the health of the elderly, and creating a "healthy life manager" image. Comprehensively optimize and improve the quality of life of the elderly population, make the elderly seriously "youth", and help them complete their unfinished dreams. As of 2022, Aixin Group's loyal members in the country has reached 20W people, the harvest of countless praise, it is because of our careful service, can be spread among our consumer groups with good word of mouth.

Aixin Group business covers all over the country, the existing chain pharmacy 20, this year is expected to exceed hundreds of scale, with hundreds of on-the-job employees and tens of thousands of part-time employees, the group's total assets up to tens of millions of dollars. In the future, Aixin Group will continue to expand in various industrial fields, and strive to become the largest service-oriented platform enterprise in the country, so that "Aixin (Love)" eternal inheritance.


A Brave Leader

Chairman Lin Quanzhong

In November 2017, the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was successfully held, and China's economic situation was in good shape. After a series of strict environmental governance, Sichuan's departments coordinated with each other to do a good job in the joint governance of economy and environment, Ensure that the economic situation and environmental governance go hand in hand. Every day of economic development, every point of economic development, There are many unknown grass-roots workers' sweat and hard work.

In these 365 days and nights, there is a Post-70s "young people" shuttling through the crowd, fighting in the front line, particularly eye-catching. He is Lin Quanzhong, a private entrepreneur full of ambition and hope.

Lin Quanzhong, born in October 1978, joined the army in 1995, and has been serving the front line of the motherland under the leadership of the army until 1998. His strict military accomplishment and indomitable spirit of the army have always given him the strength to admit defeat. He has several duties, but every job is conscientious and conscientious. He sticks to the front line all the year round and patiently solves the problems for customers. He is a private close friend of many commercial customers. He is conscientious and responsible for every work and tries his best to be the proud assistant of the department head. He is the most hardworking worker who serves the masses with a pure heart.


Ai Xin is the business empire he founded. After eleven years of development, the group has developed from a small daily necessities business department in Qingbaijiang to a big health leading industry in Chengdu, which is inseparable from this wise and farsighted leader.

Lin Quanzhong, the current chairman and general manager of AIXN group, was demobilized in 1998. After he was demobilized, he successively worked as a security guard and a cook. He did not enter the health care products industry until 2008. Because of the huge development potential and unlimited possibilities of this industry, Lin Quanzhong has attracted Lin Quanzhong since 2003. Until 2009, he resolutely decided to start his own business, thus giving birth to Qingbaijiang golden sunset commodity Business department.

Chairman Lin Quanzhong said: health is very important to everyone, which is also an important reason why he chose the health industry. After eleven years of development, AIXN group has gradually stepped on the right track, from the start-up funds are raised daily necessities business department gradually developed into the current listed group. At present, AIXN group has covered the health industry, e-commerce industry, tourism industry and hotel management industry. The four industries of the group are independent and related to each other, forming an industrial chain, operating steadily and providing "one-stop" comprehensive services for our customers.

Chairman Lin Quanzhong also analyzed the current situation of the industry for us: the number of elderly population in China is 212 million, which will reach 480 million by 2050, and the aging level is 15.5%. With the arrival of China's aging, health consumer goods, consumer medical devices and medical institutions providing pension services will be the direct beneficiaries. With the continuous improvement of China's economic level, the majority of people pay more and more attention to health. China's health industry has begun to enter a period of rapid development, and great health will be the development trend of the future society. At the same time, Mr. Lin also made a strict inspection of the product manufacturer and its qualifications, then had a small range of experience, and finally got a guaranteed result for promotion Our characteristic is to do a good job in every detail, every little thing, and serve every customer as family.

As the leader of an enterprise, chairman Lin Quanzhong believes that team building is the key to the success of an enterprise. There are many kinds of resources in the world, and we have many choices for the industry. But the important resource in an enterprise is talent. Lin Dong thinks that there are two kinds of talents: one is a person with very strong ability, one can do a lot of things well, and the other is a person whose ability is not very strong, but he can advance and retreat together with his team. In our AIXN group, the second type of talent is more important. We don't need personal heroism. What we need is a strong team and a team with strong fighting power.


After eleven years of continuous growth and development of AIXN group, it is precisely because this brave and resourceful leader, his accurate analysis of the industry and the cultivation of talents are important factors for Ai Xin's success!

Looking back on the growth experience of chairman Lin Quanzhong, every step of his achievements is the result of the education of the party and the people and the support of governments at all levels. As a private entrepreneur, general manager Lin has always believed that entrepreneurs should shoulder the historical mission entrusted to us by the times. On the one hand, they should establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, constantly change their thinking and dig deep into the market. They should also serve the common people and economic construction with heart. On the other hand, we should strive to learn scientific management knowledge, master modern enterprise management technology, constantly improve the ability and level of making contributions to the society, and strive to become a builder and founder of socialist cause with both political integrity and ability.

Indifferent to fame and wealth, willing to contribute. As a member of the Communist Party, we should make selfless dedication and not seek fame and profit. Only when we try our best to do something for everyone in our work, will we be steadfast in our hearts. This is what chairman Lin Quan thought. He dedicated the light and heat of youth to the regional economy of Chengdu City and to the land he loved. He often has a thick notebook on his desk. If there is no daily in-depth investigation and investigation, and there is a long time of in-depth thinking, these things would not exist. What's difficult is that after 70, he has been doing so persistently. We should shoulder the responsibility of the times with our backbone, arm the backbone of enterprises with wisdom, and sprinkle the youth blood of grassroots cadres with sweat. Hardworking, dedicated to the ordinary cause; silent, but also the achievement of brilliant - this is the silent dedication of the Post-70s, Lin Quanzhong. He represents the boundless passion and dream of this generation for the society and the motherland.

Wind and Rain For 14 Years, We Are Growing

2009: Qingbaijiang Jinwanxia daily necessities business department was established (the predecesor of Zhonghong Company), quickly occupied Qingbaijiang market in a short time, familiar with the surrounding market.

2010: Xindu Business Department was established to open up the Xindu market. It laid a solid foundation for entering the Chengdu market in the future.

2011: Settled in Chengdu Education Hotel and officially entered the Chengdu market.

2013: Qingbaijiang Jinwanxia daily Necessities business department officially changed its name to "Chengdu Aixin Health Consulting Co., LTD." to fully explore the Chengdu market. Xinjin business department was established to open up the Xinjin market.

2014: Opened a number of markets in Chengdu and surrounding areas, and established Jianyang, Mianyang, Wenjiang, Garden and other business departments.

2015: Chengdu Aixin Health Consulting Co., Ltd. officially changed its name to "Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biotechnology Co., LTD.".            Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Shanghai Equity Exchange Center. Enterprise code: 207448.

2016: Opened up Huayang, Guanghan market, established Huayang, Guanghan business department.

2017: Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. successfully acquired MERCARI COMMUNICATIONS GROUP,LTD., a listed company in the United States, and directly completed the absolute holding of MERCARI COMMUNICATIONS GROUP,LTD., stock code: MCAR.

Hong Kong Aixin International Group Co., Ltd. acquired Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biotechnology Co., LTD. Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biological Technology Co., Ltd. became a wholly foreign-owned enterprise.


Opened Qionglai market and established Qionglai Business Department.

2019: AIXIN LIFE INTERNATIONAL was promoted from OTC PINK Market to OTC QX market.

2023: Hong Kong Aixin Group Co., Ltd. will change the shares of Chengdu Sentient Shangyan Hotel Management Co., LTD., Chengdu Aixintang Haichuan Pharmacy Co., LTD., Chengdu Beibang Pharmacy Co., LTD., Chengdu Aixintang Liucheng Pharmacy Co., LTD., Chengdu Xindu Cundetang Pharmacy Co., LTD., Chengdu Wenjiang Aixinhui Pharmacy Co., Ltd. to Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biotechnology Co., LTD Under the division, it is fully owned by Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biological Technology Co., LTD.


Growing up in the exploration of AiXin

Ai Xin Life International has made great contributions to the economic growth of Chengdu, and also brought good news to the people. Because of this, we can obtain many honors and become an excellent enterprise handed down by word of mouth.

详情图In the era of rapid development of private enterprises, Aoxin Group was awarded the honor of "2017 Model Enterprise of Integrity in China" by Huaxi Forum, the third Private Economic Forum.
详情图Excellent leaders are the key to leading the vigorous development of enterprises. Congratulations: Chairman Lin Quanzhong won the title of "the most influential person of China's private economy in 2017" of the third private economy forum of West China Forum
详情图Chengdu aixinzhonghong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was awarded the "leader" column partner
详情图Chengdu Aixin Health Consulting Co., Ltd. was selected as "China 3.15 integrity brand" for its high quality products and services
详情图Chengdu Aixin Health Consulting Co., Ltd. won the honor of "CCTV top brand" in the national brand survey

Chengdu Aixin Health Consulting Co., Ltd. won the honor of "AAA unit of quality, service and integrity"
Congratulations: Lin Quanzhong, chairman of the Board of directors, was awarded the "innovator award" at the 8th China Entrepreneur Development Annual Conference.

详情图Chengdu Aixin Health Consulting Co., Ltd. series of health care products were selected as "China green health food"

Integrity, solidarity, sacrifice, gratitude, challenge, service



"People do not stand without trust", a person, can not do good faith can not be based on the society, the same, if an enterprise does not treat people in good faith, it can not survive for a long time. From the beginning of its establishment, Aixin group regards integrity as the first priority of the company's development, and devotes itself to the development and service of integrity, creating a good reputation for the enterprise.



Unity is a kind of spirit produced by a variety of emotions gathered together. Unity does not exist only in people who share the same ideals and ways, but also help each other. Unity is an essential factor for us. At the beginning of founding Aixin group, chairman Lin Quanzhong regarded unity as the foundation of enterprise development. Only by uniting can we make the enterprise bigger and better.详情图


Willing, that is, willing to pay, not stingy. Have give up have, do not give up, big give up big, small shed small. Willing is a kind of life wisdom and attitude. It is the feeling and wisdom that transcends the realm to decide what has been and can be obtained. Every employee of Aixin group is giving up more youth and time to better serve the public, which is the foundation of our good reputation.



Since the establishment of Aixin group in 2009, after several years of trials and tribulations, we always hold the heart of gratitude and give feedback to customers with the greatest welfare. At the same time, we also thank the public who have been supporting Aixin group. It is your support that makes Aixin group go further!详情图


The development and survival of every enterprise is a game. In this game, we will face all kinds of challenges. Only companies that dare to accept the challenges can survive. At the same time, we are constantly challenging ourselves to optimize and innovate our products to benefit more people.



Aixin group is an enterprise based on "service". Our word-of-mouth can be spread. The most solid foundation is service. We treat every customer with heart and exchange our sincerity for customers' trust, which is the most basic requirement of Aixin group for service. Only by doing "heart to heart" can we give customers the best experience.


Aixin group takes "integrity, unity, sacrifice, gratitude, challenge and service" as the core of corporate culture, so as to better motivate employees, serve customers, stand out from many groups and become a first-class enterprise.

We are AiXin man

Facing the new situation and task of the Enterprise Development, how to guide the thought of the Party construction work, lay a good ideological foundation and provide organizational guarantee for the reform and transformation of the group? How to give full play to the advantages of the party’s Labor League, so that the new member enterprises and their employees will be integrated into the Ai Xin family as soon as possible? How does the Party building work keep pace with the times, adapt to the characteristics of young employees, and better serve the growth and development of young people? On the basis of summing up the past experience of Party building, the party group of Ai Xin Group positioned party building as a valuable resource and a unique management element, which is an important part of Ai Xin’s core competence. The group’s leading party group believes that the core of both the Party building and the corporate culture is spiritual guidance, and that the starting point is to respect, understand and motivate people. By combining the two organically, they can complement and promote each other: on the one hand, with the help of the new ideas and methods of the enterprise culture, the Party building is closer to the enterprises and their employees, thus enhancing the vitality and affinity of the Party building activities. On the other hand, the enterprise culture can rely on the mature working system of the Party building and the rich organizational resources of the party’s Workers’League, let the Corporate Culture Kalanchoe Pinnata.


On the basis of persisting in the education of party spirit and proceeding from the reality of the group, the party group of the Ai Xin Group has transformed the party’s line, principles and policies and the ideals and beliefs of party members into cultural concepts and enterprise language, so as to make the Party building work closer to reality, not only let the majority of Party members reflect the advanced nature of a real way, but also let the Party building directly “Into the center, into the management.”.

The goal of the Party in the primary stage of socialism is transformed into the "mission" and "vision" of the enterprise: to offer nutritious and healthy products to consumers, to become a health steward for consumers, and to build a resource sharing platform of health services for consumers.


The first group military training to enhance team cooperation.

In order to strengthen the education of the corporate culture of the company’s employees, we organized and carried out a large-scale collective military training activity of the Group Company. From the military training, we learned the company’s corporate culture, corporate concept, practice concept and so on, from the beginning of the concept of understanding, slowly to in-depth experience, so that the company’s staff first-hand experience of Ai Xin’s corporate culture, corporate spirit. Thus further enhanced our team cohesion, the ability to assist and so on.


Regular staff commendation meeting to encourage everyone to move forward!

In order to further recognize the excellent progress of the company’s employees, the company regularly carries out a recognition conference to grass-roots employees, to encourage the recognition of outstanding performance during the work; at the same time, to encourage recognition of their performance in the work, in order to better promote the company’s staff’s work enthusiasm initiative. Regular recognition of the General Assembly intended to reward outstanding performance during the work of talent, but also further demonstrated our spirit of enterprise “With a grateful heart, with love to do business.”.


Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, Sichuan Charity Association, Sichuan Province to donate poverty relief materials Liangshan, Chengdu Aixin Zhonghong Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. to participate in the “Warm Liangshan”poverty relief donation activities

The Organization of Public Welfare Activities Reflects Ai Xin’s noble quality of helping others, his concern for public welfare, his courage to shoulder social responsibilities and his selfless dedication to society, and his hope that he can solve problems for the public. Ai Xin is willing to be a big tree, to Shield you from the elements. Adhere to Ai Xin’s corporate culture and spirit, to bring more protection to the public. The company carries forward the corporate culture spirit of “Be a man with a grateful heart and do business with love”. It always adheres to the core goal of “Customer first, create value for customers”and constantly provides high-quality professional services and products for the society. Facing the new situation, the new policy, the company also positively responded to the national call, with the actual action has carried out “Diligently repaid the society”this pledge.