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Chengdu aixinzhonghong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was registered in Chengdu Jinniu industrial and commercial bureau on March 4, 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 100 million. The company's business scope includes biotechnology promotion services, health consulting, wholesale and retail, prepackaged food, etc, At present, there are hundreds of employees. The company has been adhering to the good service as the core, while focusing on the development of the local market, but also successfully listed in the United States OTC MARKET, high-quality and attentive service has won a lot of trust and good.

Group of industries

Health management: escort your health.

Aixin Pharmacy: carry out the business philosophy of "promise and keep faith, health and benefit the people", adhering to the team spirit of "challenge, service, sacrifice, unity, gratitude, integrity", adhere to the core goal of "with the people, for the people to solve their problems", continue to deeply cultivate in the medical and health care industry, with the spirit of craftsmanship to do a good job in products and services.

Aixin Hotel: a fine hotel integrating accommodation, catering, tea tasting and conference. Elegant decoration, complete facilities, comfortable environment, first class decoration, now a total of 5 floors, with 108 rooms, including luxury suite, business room, family room and other types of room, is your home travel, business meeting first choice, we are committed to providing first-class service experience for customers.

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Global Location
Our company is located on the 14th floor, No.2 building, Hongxing international, No.69, Qingyun South Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. Since its establishment, our company has taken Chengdu, Hong Kong and New York as the center, covering many regions of the world
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